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by tells me another window washer joke. It reminded me of Willie's jokes about what men and women say... and what they actually mean. Chubby says...." studies prove women, in porn xnxx different stages of their menstrual cycle, find different types of male faces attractive. When a woman is ovulating, for example, she japanese xnxx prefers a rugged looking mom xnxx male face. But when she's menstruating, on the other hand, she prefers a man doused in gasoline and set on fire, with scissors in his eyes. You know Dylan, a different look" I said, "I don't know what any of that that means so I don't know why I'm laughing... it is funny, isn't it?" Chubby goes, "I don't know... Mel thought it was" and we're laughing, but we're not sure why. It made me feel xnxx indian a little better though. Then, as we'd xnxx japan slowed down to just a walking speed tamil xnxx xnxx com/ by now, Chubby says, "More bad news from Rickie. Remember that first time I had him over and he and I fucked up with wicked short haircuts?" I nod my nxxn head and Chubby goes, "Well, he wants to follow-up on that idea. Now he insist that all us window washer boys get buzz cuts at SuperCuts for the summer" I'm thinking that Chubby almost has a buzz cut anyway so I shrugged and said, "He's an asshole, Chubby. He gets "high" on power... he's on a power trip and loves being the boss video porno of all you guys." Then Chubby said, "Yeah, and get this... we all need to get our ear pierced and all of us need to wear the same stud earring thing... porn whatever they're xnxx hd called". He said it hesitantly, like he xxx xnxx expected an outburst from me. Actually xnxx porno I'd like to get my ear pierced too, but Mom doesn't like that idea too much so I haven't pressed it. Now that Chubby's getting his pierced... that makes it a different matter. Muttering, I go... "Like I said... the guys an asshole" and I'm thinking... Oh boy! Chubby's really going to "get" this guy when we have the money we need.. hee xnxx hindi hee. indo xnxx I was right about Rickie right from the start and now Chubby realizes it too. We walked a bit in silence and Chubby says, "I'm surprised at your reaction Dylan... happy about it, but surprised. bokep xnxx I thought you'd be all pissed off that you won't be able to give me my haircuts till the Fall... and www.xnxx that you'd hate the idea of an earring." I said, "Dude, we're xnxx. com xnxx indo partners, numero uno buds forever, number one xnxx app home boys... little things like that don't piss xnxx jav me off anymore. I'm all grown up, xnxx gay can't ya tell?" He laughs xnxx gay and goes, "Jesus... when did ya start doing xnxx heavy drugs? This just is so xnxx selingkuh different from my bro's normal take on things. There's got to be something in this for xnxx gay you somehow or you'd be bitching and making my life hard dude... hard". I wondered if using the word "hard" twice could possibly be one of those double entendre xnnn thingies ...or am I projecting again. *********************** DYLAN'S DILEMMA Part 8 *********************** Chapter Two Chubby and I took showers, separately... and then had dinner. After that it was down to my finished basement to do our normal evening activity of watching baseball on the big screen TV...the Red Sox of course. They were looking mighty good this year ... playoff bound for sure, and maybe all the way to the World Series. Chubby hasn't been humping my leg lately which tends to make xnxx com me wonder who's leg he is humping. I can't xnxx com/ fool myself, something is going on between him and Ricky. The thing is, I don't think it's going on with Chubby's full cooperation... whatever "it" might be. There's a reason xnxx app Chubby wants us to even the score at the end of the summer... "to settle all the family business" as the Godfather put it in that movie. We probably aren't going to kill anybody though... well, drop the "probably" from that last sentence because we're definitely not going to kill anybody... on purpose, that is. After the third inning Chubby seemed restless and he finally said, "I need to take care of your feet Dylan. We've been neglecting them... we've been xnxx desi neglecting a lot of stuff lately... or maybe we're just leaving things behind us as we get older. Kneeling at the foot of the recliner, he indian xnxx reminded me how we both had agreed to xnnx stop our shaving ritual sex after the summer and how we hardly ever get a chance to do the xnxx sex videos four-mile run anymore japan xnxx and that meant we didn't do things associated with the run either and..... I interrupted in order to correct him about the shaving, "Ah, Chubby... I agree with the leg shaving, but I think I'd like to keep up japanese xnxx with the pubes shaving. It's a great feeling down there, don't ya think?" videos xnxx Chubby had removed both my socks and was squeezing my foot with both hands, getting that dreamy look in his eyes like he always gets when playing with my feet... we've never actually called it a xnxx. com foot fetish, Chub and me...but obviously that's what it is. That's just one more thing I learned from Carl. It's an amazing and bizarre fetish... the foot one... don't ya think? Working his fingers in between my toes he says, "Oh yeah... let's keep up the crotch shaving. It looks cool" I go, "It's da bomb, dude!" .... Chubby brought my foot to his face and pressed the heel against his nose. A foot fetish is something to see... pretty much unbelievable from most of our perspectives... but, there it is. That being sex videos said, because it's Chubby licking my feet and sucking on my toes it almost excites me too... almost, but not quite. Chubby licked the bottom of my foot and started his ritual... xnnx I know from experience it can go on for a half hour. Both my feet will be wet with his spit by the time Chubby's passion for my feet is satisfied. When he's pale and his lips are tight he'll go into the half bath and finish himself off with his hand. xxnx As far as I know, Chubby has never had a spontaneous climax like the ones I've had with both him and Willie, but if he was going to have one, it'd probably happen through his love of feet. Although maybe he's lost some of his edge for the foot fetish lately because he use to play with my feet much more often then he's done in recent weeks... since that job with Rickie it's been less frequent, just like the leg porno xnxx .com humping is less now than any other time I can remember. He's sex xnxx getting himself "off" some other way. I hope it's not from sucking Rickie's big size-twelve feet. Yuck! My Mom left a note on the kitchen table this afternoon that I liked. Well, I should say.... I liked one part of xnxx anime the note. Here's the deal... her friend will be here for a "sleep-over" tomorrow night. Her "friend" site xnxx is the redhead, Jake Rollins, who I met some weeks ago. Mom and Jake have been dating and xnx I guess Jake wants a little nookie now... that's the part I don't like. First of all, the idea of having sex with a female is... well, it's gross to me. But more importantly, I don't like to think of that redheaded guy doing "that" to my Mom. I know my biological father, who I've zoo xnxx never met, had sex with my mother at least once because here I am, but I still don't like to think about it too much. Before Carl helped me realize I'm gay, I didn't think about sex at all. Well, I video xnxx mean, unless I was jerking off... tamil xnxx then I had this elaborate fantasy about "someone" fucking my ass. After I'd climax, that "someone" wasn't thought of again until my next jerk-off. I knew that thinking about that "someone" helped me have a big climax, but I never carried that thought all xnxx barat the way through to thinking of myself as being gay. I felt I xnxxx was asexual ... like a eunuch, pretty much sexless. Now I know differently, of course. So, that's the bad part, Mom sleeping with Jake in our condo this Friday night. The good part is this... I need to vacate the premises Friday night which means I'm forced to inconvenience my best friend, Chubby. xnxx vina garut Ah, what a shame! Hee hee! It's been awhile since we slept together. Last time was after he got out of the hospital... no, wait, there's that more recent time he was sick. www xnxx com This will be better because he isn't sick or xnxx porn anything like that at the moment. Of course, I can't "get any" on my xnxx jepang sleep over, like Jake's going to... but just xnxx anime being under the xnxx indonesia same covers with Chubby is awesome... I love indo xnxx it. The reason Jake's sleeping over is that they need to get a very early xxnxx start Saturday for a day at the Cape. Mom works Saturday night so it's early down and early back. Saturday nights for me is date night... with Willie. Sunday I'm xnxx arab off for the land-made-for-teen-boys... Wildwood, New Jersey. Two weeks vacation in the sun, fabulous boardwalk, the Atlantic ocean, and the wide beaches... no lawn cutting and no Joel-the-maniac either. Hey... another great thought, what if our room at the motel in Wildwood has only xnxx barat a double bed... Chubby and I will need to share it for two weeks... oh my God, that would xxx video ROCK! Last year both bedrooms had twin beds. Chubby was quiet after he came out of the bathroom... he snuggled against me on the recliner and with a sigh settled vina garut xnxx in to watch the rest of the baseball game. While he still had some, before tomorrow's buzzcut, I played with his hair a little, and then I played with his ear thinking about someone sticking a needle through the xnxx movies earlobe Saturday night... ouch! I'd like to get my ear pierced too... I think it's cool to wear an earring. We were quiet xnxx telugu and somewhere along the way Chubby apparently dozed off, but when Manny desi xnxx hit a walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth I let out a yelp and Chubby goes, "What happened, Dylan?". I explained and xnxx 2019 soon after that Chubby said he was wicked tired and he went up to bed. And then, busy, busy... right after that, Willie called me to xnxx jepang say he's picking me up Saturday night at our usual time. We talked only a short time... we're going to eat dinner in mom xnxx Quincy Market, and then see a live performance at the Bank of American Pavilion. I've never been there... it's an open sided tent on the bay and there's lots of stalls selling food and beer and T shirt all around the tent... lots people and lots of excitement in the air, according to Willie anyway. He's been a lot of places, and now I'm seeing all these places too. A rock group called The Plain White T's is performing and Willie says they're really good. I know one of their songs, it was out some months ago. It's called, ... Hey There Delilah... an irresistible song actually. And after the concert, back to Willie's for some nookie of my own. So it sounds xnxx asia like indo xnxx another porno xnxx awesome date! Friday night with Chubby and Saturday night with Willie... not bad. All these thoughts gay xnxx gave me a nice feeling as I lay zoo xnxx in my own bed... getting close to sleep. It's great fun thinking about the good xnxx video things in my life... then, xnxn pissing me xnxx korea off, I had to ruin that nice xnxx sex video feeling with a touch of weird reality. But xxnn what can ya do? ... there are some bad things in life too, not sunny leone xnxx too many, but a couple. One of them is the oddly similar situations I have with Joel, the psycho, and Tom Delcarman, the Marine. Joel is the dangerous one... Tom, not so much, but other than that... there are obvious similarities with the way https // they think about me. They both appear to be attracted to me. Both have sort of intimated they know what I am in desperate need of... which is, to be dominated sexually by them. I xnxx porno suppose that's xnxx .com why they're attraction to me is in the first place. I have to think that there'd be very different methods to their madness though. Meaning, Joel would be quite punishing tamil xnxx in xnxx japanese his dominance until I came around to his way of thinking, whatever that might be... and probably Tom would fuck me with that humongous cock of his until I came around to his way of thinking... again, whatever that might be. You know what... I don't xxx video wanna to be xnxx porn a part of either one of those scenarios. I'm certainly not emailing the Marine, and I don't know why I said I would. Don't matter why anyway, I'm not doing it and I'll try to stay out xnnx of Joel's way as best I can. It only has to xnxx tv be until the end of summer, at which time I'm done with the job. After that, I'll never see that crazy xnxx cina bastard again. Nice rationalizations to site xnxx fall to sleep on. Work on Friday proved to be a routine day. During Robbie and my after- work massage Robbie asked me what I was doing tonight and when I said that me and Chubby were going to the movies he asked if I'd give him and Dodger haircuts first, and then the four of us could go to the movies together ... he'd drive. Hot shit! Chubby and me wouldn't have to walk to the movies for once. I said, xnxx video "You're on, dude. How bout coming over for dinner too, we'll order pizzas". It was all set, so that's more sex xnxx good news for me. I'd like to xxn do a cell phone call to Chubby and tell him about the Dickers brothers coming porn videos over videos xnxx tonight... except I can't because Rickie has forbidden calls during working hours. Window washer boy's cell phones porno must be turned off till after work. I understand that, I guess... but it's just one rule after another with Rickie. sex video Chubby will have his buzzcut when I see him tonight... he told me last night that Rickie's taking his five man crew to porn get their identical haircuts xnxx desi during lunch break today. Then tomorrow night, after their team dinner and meeting, they go to the Mall xnxx japanese to get their ears pierced.... ain't that xnx cute! Chubby hates having to do whatever Rickie says, but we need that xnxx arab fucking drivers license and we're going to do what xnxx telugu we need to do in order to get it.... meaning video xnxx get the xnxx bokep necessary xxx money. After that, well... we'll just see about Rickie then. After the massages, I rode in xxx videos the back of the Dicker's pick-up truck with Robbie to their house. Robbie wanted to take a quick shower and change clothes... then Robbie would drive us to my vina garut xnxx condo. But naturally Dodger butted in and xnxxcom xnnn took a shower first... I was on Robbie's computer checking to see if Willie emailed me one of his corny love letters... he's so schmaltzy, but I kind of like that. Robbie was talking with his parents about something and then Dodger shouts out that he's finished with his shower and Robbie goes in for his. I found a short email from Willie saying he had a boner already from thinking about the two of us together Saturday night. He's a horny boy alright... and then I'm thinking, "Oh comes https // trouble" ... Dodger, with wet hair and a flimsy towel around his waist, swaggers into Robbie's bedroom to give me his smirky look. So fucking cute!!! He says, xvideo "We just have time for you to xnxx sex video give be a quick blowjob, so xxnxx let's get to it right away" www xnxx and he opens his towel to show me his freshly re-shaved pubes and that perfect teen boy cock and balls package. A drop of spit got xnxx asia caught in my windpipe when I gulped and gasped, sex video trying to swallow at the same time, and I got sunny leone xnxx involved in a coughing fit. He'd taken me so much by surprise with this latest outrageous action. I'm xnxx sex half laughing at the audacity of Dodger and half coughing myself to an early grave. That kid is too much! Dodger's playing with his four inch pink gay xnxx cock getting it firm and then boner hard. My own cock is getting hard in my pants just watching him playing with his weinie. Finally I have success coughing the spit xnxx tamil droplet out of my windpipe and I say in a www.xnxx quiet, urgent voice, porn videos "God damn japan xnxx you, Dodger. Your brother's on the other side of that bathroom door and your mother and father are right downstairs... go get dressed, ya little homo." 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Without thinking, I mumbled, "Sure" and he reaches over to where I'm sitting at his brother's computer and puts his finger in my mouth... just like he did that time we wwwxnxx chewed each other's finger nails the last day of school... in the locker room. Dodger's hot looking brown xnxxcom eyes were big and shiny as xnxx indonesia I sucked the cum off his finger. Then, with his finger nice xnxx jav and clean, he pulls it out of my mouth slowly and sucks it back in his own mouth to xnxx 2019 make exaggerated slurping sounds sucking my spit off. Then with that patented free porn smirk he reached in the hamper, grabbed a dirty T shirt, and wipes up the cum splatter saying, "How'd it taste?" I xnxx. said, xvideos "Like cum" and he goes, "Yeah, that what I think too." Grinning at me now, he said, "Your the xnxx sex videos coolest kid I ever met. I gotta get dressed." I watched him scurry naked through the door across the hall... into his bedroom. 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Only difference in the two packages is Robbie's bush was untouched... it was sparse, like Dodger's was before he shaved it. xnxx tamil I couldn't help but wonder about Robbie being so casually naked in front of me, and especially ... you know, because he has that little penis. Then I realized that he's on the baseball team and has showered with teammates many, many times... by now he just accepts his small dick... what the hell bokep xnxx can xnxx hot he do about it anyway. Guess the jokes have all been said and it's not an issue with him, maybe it never was an issue with him. It's just like Dodger was, now that I think about it... when xxxx I ragged on him about his little penis, he laughed it off... he didn't care. I liked that... I admired the attitude of both brothers actually. I say free porn that because xnxx india I don't think I'd xnxx jepang be mature enough to be casually comfortable with having a small cock myself. I'd probably be hiding myself all my life... damn, wouldn't that be a total drag! I said nothing to Robbie about his penis... not a single word. After a minute, Robbie found some underwear and threw it on the bed and began looking for a shirt and some socks. Then a pair of cargo shorts. When it was xnxx 2019 all gathered into a pile he began getting dressed. I used a great deal of willpower not to stare at his dick. It was small like Dodger's, but not as perfect looking, somehow. Don't get me wrong though, I'd love to suck it, but it just wasn't the perfect color or shape or something, like Dodger's... it was more xnxx download normal looking, except real small. How odd though... Chubby, Dodger and now Robbie, all with four inch cocks. Hmmmm, I'm sitting at this computer... why not google "penises" and find out how rare a four inch penis is.... this could be Guiness Book Of World Records material right here in front xnxx .com of me. Call me goofy, but I love good penis talk. 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I porno xnxx give up trying to figure out most of them... just www xnxx com go with the xnxx teen xxnxx flow and enjoy the ride. That's me... xnxx hd then I tried to figure out who's cuter... Robbie or Dodger? I guess I'd have to say Dodger, but only because he's smaller and... the hot body they xnxx indian both have, xnxx indian I think it looks cuter on the small frame of Dodger. Fun to think about those two... but, god damnit... I got another stone hard boner in my pants... By the time they were both dressed, and we drove to my condo, Chubby was already there, sitting on the front step smoking... waiting for me. He was surprised, but glad to see the brothers... he and Dodger traded funny insults while doing the one arm hug, handshake, and pat xxx video on the back. Happily Chubby had his xnxx hd Red Sox hat on so I didn't have to look at his buzzed head just yet, but I did see how short his beautiful dark brown hair was all around the sides and back. 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